my name is sid the kid.
i am here because i am a self-important asshole.
obviously you give a shit about my shit.

this is my personal blog.
feel free to click below for other things.


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1) When did you realize the term transgender referred to you?

2) How did you choose your name, and what names were you thinking about using and why?

3) Have you ever been outed?

4) How did your family take it when you came out/ if you are not out why aren’t you?

5) Are you active in the trans community or LGBT community?

6) Who was the first person you told about being trans?

7) Who do you look up to?

8) How do you deal with being read mis-genderd in the beginning of transitioning by people?

9) What is something positive about being trans?

10) What are some of your fears in regards to being trans?

11) How do you manage dysphoria?

12) What are you doing to stay healthy for transitioning mentally and physically?

13) Bathrooms?

14) What are some of your passing tips or things you do to pass?

15) How have you embraced your trans identity?

16) What’s your rock anthem and why?

17) What’s your binding choice and why?

18) How do you feel about the trans laws where you live?

19) If your religious how do your views effect being trans if your not religious what about your family religions?

20) Do you want to be a parent why or why not?

21) Your views on the cis-gendered community?

22) Do you feel being trans holds you back from your career choice?

23) What stereotypes are put on trans people?

24) Who is your favorite LGBT actor/musician/director/artist etc and why?

25) Doctor visits?

26) Do you feel comfortable answering questions about being trans if say your teacher/friend/stranger asked you?

27) What goals do you have?

28) What is something you have to do everyday or else you feel like your whole day is off if you don’t do it?

29) Write out something positive about yourself using the letters of your name. Ex. Your name is Bob so B-Beautiful O-Outstanding B-Boy.

30) Write a haiku about being trans.

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